Example widgets

Why not show off your Instagram gallery via your blog or website? Your latest photos will always be on display with no further effort!

This widget is 2x3 images with no frame around the photos. The background color is set to the same as the page ie white (#FFFFFF)

This widget is a 300 pixel slideshow. No frame is specified and it is not responsive - i.e. The pictures won't shrink as the browser window size is reduced.

This widget is a responsive slideshow with a frame. If you adjust the size of your browser, you will see that the slideshow changes size. If you are viewing on a smartphone, try rotating the phone between landscape and protrait.

This widget is a responsive grid where the individual photos have an edge or border. The whole grid will resize on smaller screens e.g. smartphones

This widget is fixed size with a red grid holding the pictures.

All these galleries were built using our FREE Widget Maker, and all photos update automatically when they're changed at Instagram. You are welcome to use our free widget maker to build your own widgets that will work on your own website or blog.