Embed my Instagram photos right this minute

Why should I use your widget?

As you know, Instagram is flabberghastingly fantastic for photos! Straight from your eyeball to the Internet and then even further. Anyone who follows you will see the snowy scene, the seaside sunset, or the sallivating scorpion that you yourself are seeing and all within a matter of seconds. That's almost a miracle.

But us humans are restless; miracles aren't enough, and we seem to need more. So here at embedmyphotos.com, we are trying to give you more.

That bold, brash, botoxed ballerina with her tiny pink dog will be much appreciated by your followers, but why not give her even wider exposure? If she were part of a photo gallery on your web page or embedded right in your blog as part of a slideshow, then not only would she be cheering up the world around her, but she would also be cheering up your blog site! Her alluring lustful looks attracted your eyeballs, but if she could attract visitors to your website, then a further miracle may have been performed.

Keeping blog sites up to date and fresh is difficult and time-consuming. Believe me, I have blog sites, and traffic dies dizzyingly quickly when they're neglected. But embed one of our widgets into your blog, and every photo you upload to Instagram will also be displayed straight to that blog. This is achieved using magic and witchcraft like most things that surround us, but here at embedmyphotos.com, we've managed to bottle that magic and are making it available here, today for the very special price of FREE.

Some people look blank when I say "widget". As an IT professional, I'm used to that blank look, but I'll try to explain. A widget is a few hideously complicated lines of HTML code. HTML is hidden computer code that's behind every web page. See, it's easy!

Our Widget Maker is the wizard-like web page that will help you design how you want your Instagrm photo-gallery or slideshow to look. What sort of border colours, how big the pictures, the number of seconds between slides. All that sort of thing. It only takes a couple of seconds to fill out the form, and then Abracadabra! Yes - it will generate those hideously complicated lines of HTML code and display them before your very eyes where you can then copy and paste them into your blog site.

That's all you need to do, and it works with Wordpress, Joomla, blogger or in fact any webpage on the planet. It can even be made to work as the signature part of your e-mail, except that many e-mail providers such as Google won't display it for their own petty reasons.

So now it's a simple matter of using your imagination. Some of our users create accounts at Instagram just for one event. They're launching a home-made helium balloon to the edges of the atmosphere and the photos will go to Instagram. But they also want to show off (quite rightly) and write about the exploit on their website. You on the other hand are just about to reveal to the world your bionic biscuit baking Border Collie...