Free Instagram Widget

Have you heard of Instagram?
Do you have your own web page?
Or your own blog?

Of course you have!

Instagram is perfect for snapping pictures and getting them seen by your friends and followers. But maybe you'd like to do more! How about embedding those photos in your website and keeping them up-to-date with no effort? How about showing them in your blog as a slide show? It's perfectly simple with our Widget Maker and best of all it's FREE!

Click here for an example

A "widget" or a "plugin" is a small piece of html code that you can copy and embed into your website, blog, forum or anywhere html is used on the Internet.

Our widget allows you to embed instagram photos into your website, either as an "Instagram slideshow" or as a grid of Instagram photos.

Once your widget is embedded, there are no further changes to make, and every time you upload a new photo to Instagram, that photo will automatically be retrieved by the widget and displayed straight into your website or blog.

This embedded widget will keep your website fresh and dynamic without any extra work on your part.

Our widget is completely FREE and very easy to set up. Have a look at our examples page to get some ideas of what is possible.

Then go to our Widget Maker page and define how you want it to perform. You can it up as a slideshow or as a grid that displays multiple Instagram photos. You can define the number of seconds between slides or the number of photos and their sizes.

Our widget can be defined as "responsive" (i.e. smartphone friendly), which means that your website will look great on any sized screen and will get extra recognition from Google.